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We provide a cleaning surface to your Synthetic Grass Surface to ensure that it is kept to a high standard, erasing any hazards and ensuring the longevity of the surface, with the best possible play.

We use our mechanically operated machinery and brushes to sweep away any debris from the court.  We de-compact the existing infill, lifting the carpet pile and then redistributing the infill back into the court surface.  The surface infills can then be topped up to the correct levels if needed once the service has been successfully carried out by our operative. We do also carry out any minor repairs such as play lines and seams where necessary.

Our maintenance services are carried out on: Tennis Courts, Multi Use Games Areas, 3G Courts and pitches.  We do also include the maintenance of Hockey pitches and cricket wickets.

Our packages we offer are: Monthly, Quarterly, Bi Monthly, Annual services and a 2 day Deep Clean option. Ask for more info!

Synthetic Grass Surface Cleaning and Maintenance Services

Rejuvenations to Court and Synthetic Grass Surfaces


Here at Surface Play we also offer a Rejuvenation Service to your court, this is ideal if your surface has contamination within the infill.

The contamination could be caused by debris from nearby foliage from trees or bushes, fibres from the tennis balls and general dirt accumulated within the surface from day to day usage.

Our machinery removes the existing contaminated infill using a high pressured jet, the surface is then cleaned using our mechanical brushes, we then apply new infill and distribute it back into the court, ensuring that it has the correct levels.

This can give your carpet many more years of life and can restore it back to original condition.  This can be a much cheaper option than replacing the entire surface altogether. 


Why not let us come and carry out a free inspection of your surface, we can quickly determine what your surface requires and give you our honest recommendations. 



Contact us at:


Court and Surface Installation

We are pleased to announce that we are now installers of the courts too, this can be the installation of a Single Tennis Court, a Pitch, a Multi-Use Games Area or a 3G Court.


We have decided to undertake the court installations to ensure that we can provide our customers with the complete package and therefore taking the stress out of using different contractors.  We will be with you from the beginning, including  which court and surface bests suits your needs and budget.  We will ensure to communicate with our customer  from the very beginning, through to when the project is completed, ensuring that we carry out our installations to the highest of standards at all times.

We can then provide the necessary maintenance to ensure the that the surface remains at its finest quality and the highest levels of play for your surface. 

Our General Maintenance service includes:  

  • Our operative will inspect the surface before any maintenance is carried out.

  • Sweeping and brushing of the surface to remove any debris, this can be a build up of foliage from near by trees or a build up of general dust and dirt.

  • Infill De-compaction using our mechanical operated brushes, this lifts the existing infill and is carried out in a sweeping circuit to ensure that no voids are missed or go undetected.

  • Carpet pile lifting, ensuring it is brought back into the upright position, otherwise carpet pile folding will occur and will result in a slippery surface and will result in the carpet fibres becoming damaged due to being bent over and becoming broken after continuous play.

  • Infill Distribution, this ensures that the infill does not become hard and compacted, when an infill is compacted, contamination can occur and will result in the surface becoming hazardous. This will also create poor drainage throughout the system and pooling of water will simply sit on the surface as it will be unable to drain away.

  • Any minor repairs being carried out, such as seam lines and play lines up to 6 linear meters.

Benefits of having Regular Maintenance on your surface:

  • Ensures the longevity of the surface

  • Improves the ball roll and play of the surface

  • Prevents infill compaction

  • Prevents drainage issues 

  • Allows an even distribution of infill across the surface ensuring it is de-compacted too

  • Keeps the carpet pile upright

  • Removes any debris from the surface ensuring there is no build up within the pile

  • Allows inspections of surface to be carried out more regularly and we can therefore repair any minor repairs that may need doing and therefore avoiding any possible trip hazards or damaging the carpet any further.

Other packages are offered, simply contact us to enquire about these.

Types of Infills: 

  • Sand Dressed & Filled pitches/courts

  • 3G Infill, also known as Rubber Crumb

  • Artificial Clay 

Each infill has its own purpose to suit the type of system it is within.,Each will require different amounts of top up, depending on the amount of use that a court or pitch receives. Usually, we notice, that a 3G or Rubber Crumb court may require a top up more often due to migration to the edge of the playing area. A Sand Filled and Sand Dressed court or pitch will require general standard maintenance with more de-compaction, as it is more susceptible to becoming compacted over time, but would need to, like any other surface be monitored.


However, regardless of the type of infill you have, the importance of maintaining is is vital and key to ensuring the longevity of the surface.  If the infill is incorrect, it can impact the system more than you may think.


Things to look for when the infill may be incorrect and need attention:

  • Pile Fold, you will quickly notice that the pile may all lean and fold over one particular way on the surface.  This can cause the pile and stems of the carpet system to become weak and result in breakage altogether.

  • Infill migration to the perimeters can be noticeable, this can be dangerous due to it becoming slippery for users of the courts and pitches

  • Goal Mouths are more likely to become victims of the incorrect infills, the infill can gather here and will require a service to redistribute the infill throughout the entire surface, ensuring it is more even within the system

  • Sometimes the infill may have too much, this can also cause issues, such as a slippery surface, due to the loose infill sitting on the surface rather than penetrating into the system.

Our knowledge can quickly determine if the infill levels within your surface are incorrect and with our mechanical machinery, we can quickly de-compact or carry out the necessary top up of the levels as and when required.


Drainage is a very important factor for any Synthetic Surface, including Hard Courts.  

It is important that drainage is not overlooked when installing any court and the chosen surface, once installed, it requires maintenance.

Firstly, we would recommend that a land drain is always considered, this ensures that any surplus water is directed away from the surface, thus stopping it from clogging up and becoming a problem within the system. Poor drainage can cause problems within the system, it can cause the surface to become slippery and hazardous.

Secondly, general maintenance will help with poor drainage issues as it will prevent any build up of compacted infill causing bad drainage. Regular maintenance will ensure that any infill is de-compacted and the infill can then be redistributed throughout the system using our mechanical machinery.

If the infill does become compacted as a result of no maintenance causing poor drainage, your surface will most likely require a service called a Rejuvenation, please see below for further details on this process...

The Rejuvenation Process:

Does your Court do any of the following:

  • The water drain very slowly or not at all/poor drainage?

  • Pooling of water especially in certain areas every time it rains?

  • Seem very slippery and unsafe to play on?

  • Has the ball roll been affected?

  • Does it have infill contamination, maybe from nearby trees/bushes? Or a build up of dirt?

  • Can you see that one area of the surface carpet looks different to the rest, does it seem folded over?

  • Does the surface have a build up of moss & Algae?

  • Is your surface more than 8-10 years old, we typically find an older surface will require a Rejuvenation to return it to its original condition and ensure that it is at its optimum levels ready for play, giving it many more years of life.


Your surface may require a Rejuvenation Process to be carried out on it, this is where the existing infill is removed using our high pressure air to jet water into the system and force the existing infill out.  The surface is then cleaned using our Mechanical operated sweeper brush, this ensures that the surface is clean before the new infill is applied. We then apply the new infill ensuring that it is brushed and swept to ensure that it is at the correct levels necessary.  We find that this is a very good method and also a cheaper alternative to replacing the complete system altogether and this gets excellent results with a noticeable difference instantly.

We offer services for Hard Courts:

The cleaning and maintenance process is not only recommended for Synthetic and Artificial Clay Surfaces, Hard Courts benefit from Maintenance too, these surfaces can also become slippery, have a build up of moss on the surface and become less desirable to play on.


We offer:

  • A cleaning service of the Hard Court

  • Repairs to the surface

  • Repaint of the surface using an acrylic anti slip sports paint

  • Repaint of play lines

These can be any colours of your choice-just ask for more info today!

Here, you can see a perfect example of what can be achieved...


Case Studies

Drainage & Multi Use Games Area Installation at Hatfield:

As you can see, our customer was having problems with drainage before the new court was installed, so before any works were done for the surface, we installed a new land drain for them, this directed the water away from the new surface that was going to be installed. 

We started work, quickly installing the land drain as discussed, we directed it away from the area where the new Multi Use Games Area was to be installed and directed it across the playing field where it would be dispersed to an appropriate area at the edge of the site.


The drain was installed successfully and then back filled. This will allow any surplus water to drain through into this land drain, away from the site, successfully serving its purpose.

The base was installed on the area which was to be the new Multi Use Games Area, it was compacted and then the ground matting was installed, this will allow any water to drain through the surface and again, prevent any pooling of water on the surface. More stone was installed into the voids of the matting to ensure stability of the surface. The new synthetic grass was then installed to complete the finished look.


The Multi Use Games Area was successfully installed, including the Drainage and the V Mesh Fencing surrounding the area. On time and on budget.

Maintenance service carried out on Tennis Court:

Before and After an Annual Maintenance was carried out on this Domestic Tennis Court in Kent.

As you can see, this court had not received any maintenance for some time and there was a build up on the surface.  A moss kill application was applied 10 days before the maintenance service was carried out. This ensured that the moss was in fact dead, ready for us to be able to remove it from the surface effectively. Our Mechanical sweeper swept and brushed the surface, we got deep into the carpet pile and a lot of dirt was bought to the surface and then removed successfully. This has given this surface a new lease of life and is now safe and playable for its owners to enjoy.

Maintenance carried out on Single Hard Tennis Court, Repaint with 2 tone, Acrylic Anti-slip sports paint and then white lines added:
Wildwood Jacksons 3.JPG
'Wildwood' Jacksons.May 2021 Before.JPG
Wildwood Jacksons Repaint 2.JPG
Pitch in Danson, Moss Kill Application, 2 Day Deep Clean, Repairs and Penalty Spots added:

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